Our Services - Leaders in all things trees, Nelson Tree Specialists

Our Services - Leaders in all things trees

Tree Removals, Nelson Tree Specialists

Tree Removals

From simple, straight forward tree removals to complex crane extractions, Nelson Tree Specialists is highly experienced and professionally equipped to ensure the job is done properly, efficiently and safely.

Difficult tree removals are one of our specialties.

We can remove trees from any location, whether within a group of trees or right next to a house or buildings. We employ the latest arboriculture techniques to mitigate the risk of damage to your property and garden.

When you use Nelson Tree Specialists, you can trust your house and garden will be protected.

Tree consultancy, Nelson Tree Specialists

Tree consultancy

Having problems with your neighbours’ trees? Worried about your new development?

We can provide expert advice on the best pruning solutions for you and your neighbour to help ensure both parties are happy.

We will undertake visual tree assessments and risk assessments detailing the state of the tree and the best maintenance options. Our reports can be used in the Environmental Impact Assessments of any resource consent applications, helping to streamline the process.

We are well adept at considering the legal implications of any works or in providing expert evidence in court.

Our professional assessments are also used by utility providers, property developers and landscape architects - particularly for treasured protected or landscape trees, where additional care is necessary.

We can make recommendations for individual trees in backyards, or for larger commercial areas, such as parking areas, hospitals and schools, where the health and safety of trees is paramount.

Thinning & Pruning, Nelson Tree Specialists

Thinning & Pruning

Trees are fantastic to have as part of your landscape - but only if they are properly maintained. Loving and caring for your trees are what our arborists do best.

We use correct pruning cuts to encourage trees to flourish, removing dead, diseased or damaged limbs to let in more light and open up views or simply to maintain the health and safety of your tree.

Our arborists are like artists, specially trained to selectively remove branches whilst retaining the tree’s natural shape.

Nelson Tree Specialists provide expert pruning solutions, to train climbers and shrubs, and we have a keen eye for straight lines when it comes to keeping hedges tidy.

High Reductions & Shaping, Nelson Tree Specialists

High Reductions & Shaping

Do you want more light? Or more of a view? But you love the tree and do not want to remove it?

We can help by carrying out a ‘reduction’ i.e. reducing the height and overall size of your tree whilst retaining its natural shape.

Richard has years of experience in reductions and has trained our arborists to reduce and shape a tree with skill and finesse.

Hazard Assessment, Nelson Tree Specialists

Hazard Assessment

High-wind storms over Easter weekend in 2014, and earlier in 2008, caused many trees and limbs to break, falling on houses, vehicles, power lines and roads.

In a storm, tearing winds and penetrating rain work together to soften soils and overturn trees.

Having your tree’s structural integrity and general overall health assessed by one of our experienced arborists can help identify a potential problem before disaster strikes.

Our professionally trained arborists have a thorough understanding of the potential risks and inherent weakness associated with different types of tree species. They can recommend the appropriate course of action in order to minimise the risk of hazards.

For more information about our hazard assessment service please contact us.

Cable Bracing, Nelson Tree Specialists

Cable Bracing

In some situations, a bracing system may have to be installed to support weak or poorly formed trees.

We use an eco-friendly ‘Cobra’ cabling system which is non-invasive to trees. These systems are especially useful for protecting valuable specimen trees from splitting stems and tearing limbs.

Multi-stemmed trees, such as Pohutukawa, Liquidambar and Oak trees are particularly vulnerable. A correctly installed cabling or bracing system has the strength and stability to minimise this problem and protect against unnecessary damage.

Our experienced arborists will assess your tree and install the right support system for your tree and its surroundings.

Planting & Transplanting, Nelson Tree Specialists

Planting & Transplanting

We can equip you with the right advice, to help ensure you obtain the best variety of trees to aesthetically, and practically enhance your location. We will also make sure you’re aware of ongoing care and maintenance requirements, so your new trees will thrive and add value to your property for years to come.

If a tree becomes too large for its environment or interferes with building works, we have the expertise and equipment to transplant your tree to a more suitable location. To ensure the best outcome, we recommend you contact us in the cooler months from June through to August.

Stump Grinding, Nelson Tree Specialists

Stump Grinding

Nelson Tree Specialists has leading edge equipment for stump removal in the middle of front lawns to gentle slopes. Our lawn-friendly stump grinding machine will grind your stumps 250mm below current ground levels.

When the job is complete, you will be left with a neat and tidy appearance, as we ensure the stump removal mulch is backfilled in the original hole. You may also be able to re-plant in the same spot with some new top soil to fill instead.

Exposed surface roots may also be stump grinded out upon request.

Brush Chipping, Nelson Tree Specialists

Brush Chipping

We can efficiently turn brush piles, branches and any foliage into usable wood chips. Our chippers can handle branches, limbs and trees up to 12 inches in diameter. Our heavy duty equipment quickly handles any tree or brush removal job, no matter how large or how small.

We also sell mulch by the truck or half-truck load, which is great for the garden! A layer of mulch around your trees and shrubs will help to simulate a natural forest setting by returning nutrients back into the soil, which in turn, helps to replenish the soil.

24hr Emergency, Nelson Tree Specialists

24hr Emergency

Unexpected storms can cause serious damage. Nelson Tree Specialists provides a 24-hour emergency response service to clean up storm damage, such as fallen trees.

We will respond to the scene, assess the situation and then deal with it in the most safe and efficient manner. Our arborists often work through storms to lessen the damage as it is happening.

With our highly trained staff and specialised equipment, there’s no situation we can’t handle.

To reach us after office hours or to take advantage of our emergency tree care service, please call 03 5480749 or 021 296 6827.

NB: Emergency rates may apply.